Infinite Scroll

An infinite scroll is where a list of items will load on a page then as you reach the bottom of the page more items will be added. This avoids the need for paging and should also speed up the page by avoiding the need to load a large number of items at the same…



It’s been an interesting week for Instagram. On Monday they changed their privacy policy to allow them to sell users’ photos without their permission. This was introduced as a “like it or lump it” section. Meaning if you wanted to opt out then you could… by not using Instagram. Not only was the policy change…


There’s an app for that…

Is there? great! But should you really care?     Apps have exploded in the last few years. Initially, that drive came from Apple and, more specifically, the iPhone. The iTunes store has an ever growing number of apps available for Apple products and I’m sure Apple are a lot more interested in the paid…



netbooks dead?

“ultrabooks” rising?


Arent’ they all just laptopsjQuery15208134175237550804_1327074745286!

getting smaller, slimer, faster, lighter.

same as what has always happened with computers?

Are Tablets Worth Their Weight?

It’s been a few thousand years since Moses came down the mountain proclaiming how great tablets were and everyone is beginning to agree. Small US businesses are looking to purchase tablets in the near future. The iPad is hugely popular, Samsung’s Note has shipped more than a million units, Amazon are actually giving away Kindles…